UK real estate predictions 2012

New realities, new perspectives

The Deloitte real estate partners have made their predictions for the property market in 2012. Whilst making constructive predictions in the current market is not easy, the huge uncertainty and overbearing gloominess makes it all too easy to predict the end of the world as we know it.

However, the one thing that the past tells us is that while things may be difficult in early 2012, these times do pass and more often than not create significant opportunities.

The report includes predictions on key real estate issues and trends including:

  • Commercial property values to fall in 2012
  • Big rise in investors holding empty retail units
  • REITs will be the new UK property investment platform for overseas institutional investors
  • Times to get even tougher in the lending market
  • London offices will be more positive than many predict
  • A challenging year for real estate fund managers
  • The green agenda could hit the unaware hard
  • Big push from investors into the Private Rented Sector


UK real estate predictions 2012
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