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Changing the game on cyber risk

The path to becoming a more secure, vigilant, and resilient organisation

As the digital landscape continues to grow more complex, and cyber criminals become more sophisticated, business leaders (not just IT), across industries, are growing more anxious. They wonder how their organisation would respond in the face of a cyberattack. They question whether they’re sufficiently anticipating and preparing for a future attack. They want to know how well their organisation could absorb and recover from an attack, how well their most important digital assets are protected…and much more.

In the face of so many questions, one thing is clear: Current approaches to managing cyber risk, many of which are focused on “securing the perimeter,” aren’t enough.

The good news is that there are some specific, practical steps leaders can take to start changing the game on cyber risk—helping their organisations become more secure, vigilant, and resilient. Changing the game on cyber risk offers specific strategies to address cyber risk more comprehensively, focused on the business at large.

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