Conduct Risk, Culture and Reg-tech 

Breakfast Briefing 2018 

Deloitte Ireland are hosting a Conduct Risk, Culture and Reg-tech Breakfast Briefing on Tuesday 26th June 2018.  This event will take place in our offices at Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2.

Conduct Risk and culture as it relates to conduct is continuing to evolve in Ireland and is receiving increasingly more attention from executives within financial services organisations in recent times due to this increased focus from the Central Bank of Ireland.  This is a challenging time for Compliance Officers and Chief Risk Officers in working towards establishing a framework to manage conduct risk as part of the day to day business activities of a financial services organisation.

In response to this, we are inviting guests to an event to discuss a number of the areas which Compliance Officers and Chief Risk Officers are continuing to face challenges upon. Please register your interest my email Niamh Manley at

The agenda for the event will cover the following:

Regulatory expectations – we will consider the regulatory expectations in Ireland in respect of conduct risk and culture as it relates to conduct;

Reflection on other jurisdictions – we will reflect on learnings from other jurisdictions including the UK and Netherlands to understand how the expectations of their Regulatory Authorities have been sufficiently addressed;

Reg-tech – we will reflect on the impact and use of technology in the regulatory environment and the different solutions that are emerging within financial services. We will specifically reflect and consider the use of technology to assist and support financial services organisations in complying with their regulatory obligations in respect of conduct risk;

Practical steps – our speakers will share insights into some of the practical steps organisations can take to manage conduct risk and address the challenges in relation to culture.



Colm Kincaid (Director of Securities and Markets Supervision at Central Bank of Ireland) is confirmed as our keynote speaker for the morning.  In addition to Colm, we will also have speakers across the Deloitte European network in respect of conduct risk, culture and reg-tech including Nicola Vincent (Director, Deloitte UK), Peter Engering (Senior Manager, Deloitte Netherlands) and Rose-Marie Kennedy (Senior Manager, Deloitte Ireland).

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