COVID-19 and European Data Protection

Focus on Post confinement measures 

Facing the public health emergency, the coronavirus pandemic, EAA countries prepared and implemented immediate measures in order to mitigate the social and economic impact of the outbreak.

Highlighting the most important questions concerning the lawfulness of data processing during the implementation of measures aimed to stop the spread of coronavirus, Deloitte examines the answers from each Member State.

The Deloitte COVID-19 and European Data Protection booklet is organized by FAQs and provides insightful, aggregated information about each European State, especially useful for multinational companies, that have to take into account national provisions. New measures are implemented daily around the world. Therefore, please, consider the current version a thorough and accurate situation analysis at the publication date of June 22 2020.

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Does it make sense to talk about protecting privacy at a time when the general interest in fighting the pandemic is predominant?

“ Not only it does make sense, but it is essential in order to enable preventive action to be directed in the most balanced way and compatible with democratic principles. The challenge set by this health emergency is to combine effective action to prevent and combat contagion with the essential guarantees of protection of fundamental rights, such as indeed the right to privacy, which are subject to the balancing test with other legal principles such as, first and foremost, public health. The rights might, in emergency contexts, be subject to even severe limitations, but such limitations must be proportional to specific needs and limited in time. The strength of the democracy is also in its resilience: in its ability to modulate the exceptions to the ordinary rules, according to necessity, setting them within a framework of certain guarantees and without letting go to improvisation.”

Antonello Soro

Chairman of the Italian Data Protection Supervisor

(Interview by Angela Majoli, Ansa, March 17, 2020)

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