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Cyber Opportunity Analysis Report

Positioned to lead

Ireland is uniquely placed to benefit from increased global investment, and has a real opportunity to position itself as a world class cyber security practices, solutions and investment hub.

In this report, conducted in association with the International Sustainability and Investment Centre, we found that Ireland has already proven itself to be an innovative centre for technology, and that cyber security is another area in which it can become a global leader.

Risk Advisory Partner Colm McDonnell discusses the Cyber Opportunity Analysis report.

Respondents to a survey carried out as part of this report identified increased regulation on data privacy (identified by 73% of respondents), more sophisticated scamming and phishing (59%), and growth in identity theft (53%) as the major trends in the cyber area over the next five years.

Against this backdrop, the analysis shows that businesses will change how they organise and manage data security, either internally or through third party providers. Over a third (36%) of respondents to the survey felt there would be a trend towards outsourcing cyber management to third party organisations, and just over a quarter (27%) think that businesses will establish global/regional centres of excellence for managing this function.

The implication of these trends is that a small number of locations will be preferred for establishing centres of excellence in the same way that certain locations became favoured for establishing shared service centres.

The analysis was carried out to assess how Ireland is viewed as a location for cyber businesses, the important factors when deciding where to locate a cyber business, and how the potential to become a global hub can be capitalised on. It was carried out amidst a number of trends, all of which point to the increasing importance and need for cyber security services.

Please see our infographic below which shows the key factors for deciding where to locate a cyber business, and why Ireland can be a global leader.

Cyber Opportunity

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