Governance Themes in the Investment Management Industry

Good governance is critical to the efficient and effective operation of capital markets. The subject continues to create debate amongst Board members, investment managers, institutional investors and regulators alike.

Alongside this, developments such as globalisation, digitisation, innovation, regulation and supervisory convergence are contributing to a changing market and are shifting risk profiles, bringing heightened attention on the area of governance.

As we continue to navigate this era of uncertainly in the geo-political and economic landscape, one thing that is certain is that governance will remain an area of focus in the investment management industry. While management companies found themselves in the spotlight in 2019, we expect this scrutiny to
continue, as well as permeate to other players across the industry, including funds and service providers. We set out below the governance priorities we
expect Boards in the investment management industry in Ireland to focus on in 2020, drawing on our experience as well as themes from our 2020
EMEA regulatory outlook.

Governance Themes in the Investment Management Industry

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