ISO27032: Guidelines for cyber security

A Deloitte point of view on analysing & implementing the guidelines

The increasing volume and sophistication of Cybersecurity threats demands that organisations, big and small, remain vigilant about systems and information accessible from the internet.

In August 2012, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) released a set of guidelines for Cybersecurity (ISO 27032), providing guidance for improving Cybersecurity and drawing out the unique aspects of that activity and its dependencies on other security domains, such as information security, application security, network security and Internet security as the fundamental building blocks.

While the 62-page document leaves many unanswered questions regarding best practice Cybersecurity frameworks and implementations, ISO’s central purpose remains simple: to provide stakeholders involved in Cybersecurity with a set of guidelines to refer to when implementing minimum controls across their organisations t protect against the risks of the Cyberspace. 

This PDF provides Deloitte UK's look at each  of the areas and the interpretation of the guidelines and requirements.

ISO27032: Guidelines for cyber security
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