Prudential Regulation Review 

April 2018 

Key highlights

April saw a number of significant regulatory developments: non performing and forborne loans were again an area of focus and the subject of new proposed guidelines, following the high level of focus on this issue in recent months; and crypto-assets and crypto-currencies were the subject of a number of speeches and comments by senior regulators in the the EU.

The ECB also focused on the need to refine the regulatory framework in the banking union and presented a number of remaining hurdles to completing the Banking Union. The Central Bank of Ireland continued its focus in tackling non-performing loans and the complexity involved in arrears cases.


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Other topics covered

  • Capital (including macro prudential and stress testing)
  • Liquidity
  • Governance and risk management (including remuneration)
  • Crisis management (including special resolution, systemically important firms, and business continuity)
  • Rethinking the domestic and international architecture for regulation
  • Disclosure, valuation and accounting
  • Information Security and data privacy
  • Central Bank of Ireland
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