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Prudential Regulation Review 

January 2020

Prudential Regulatory Review is a monthly newsletter dedicated to summarising all major risk and regulatory updates.

Prudential Regulation Review - latest edition

As at the end of any year, regulators were keen to progress or finalise a number of important initiatives.

At the EU level, following the new Von der Leyen Commission’s taking-office, European Council Finance Ministers set out their priorities for further work on the CMU. Among their priorities were a focus on SME financing and removing barriers to the efficient functioning of EU-wide capital markets and to well- informed investors making long-term investments in capital markets.

The EBA published its second report on the potential impact of Basel III implementation in the EU. This report followed the first in August 2019 and focused, in particular, on market risk, as well as providing a macroeconomic impact assessment. The EBA report found that Basel III revisions, if fully implemented, would lead to a 23.6% increase in minimum capital requirements for EU banks (excluding banks in the UK). The European Commission is expected to publish a legislative proposal in mid-2020 proposing its approach for implementing the final elements of the Basel bank capital framework.

Other topics covered include:

  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Management
  • Central Bank of Ireland
Prudential Regulation Review January 2020

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