Prudential Regulation Review May 2018


Prudential Regulation Review

July 2018

Key Highlights

July saw a series of important developments around interest rate benchmark reform, the FSB issued a statement in which it concluded that for some markets, it will be important that transition away from interbank offered rates is to the overnight risk free rates (RFRs) rather than to term RFR rates.

The EBA published its final guidance on strengthening the Pillar 2 Framework, updated its Risk Dashboard and found that the average ratio of NPL’s has now reached its lowest level since Q4 2014. Meanwhile, the ECB published a report on recovery planning highlighting that not all banks adequately comply with the EBA Guidelines on recovery plan indicators.

Finally, the Central Bank of Ireland triggered the countercyclical capital buffer requiring banks in Ireland to hold an extra capital buffer from July 2019.

Prudential Regulation Review July 2018

Other topics covered

  • Capital 
  • Crisis Management
  • Regulatory Perimeter 
  • Innovative Technology 
  • Central Bank of Ireland

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