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Prudential Regulation Review 

July 2019

Prudential Regulatory Review is a monthly newsletter dedicated to summarising all major risk and regulatory updates.

Prudential Regulation Review - latest edition

July saw a number of important regulatory changes and announcements.

In Ireland, the Final Report of Central Bank Tracker Mortgage Examination was issued, revealing that €683 million was paid to the affected customers. The Central Bank of Ireland published the first Financial Stability Review, that outlines key risks facing the financial system and assesses the resilience of the economy and financial system to adverse shocks.

The ECB appointed Edouard Fernandez-Bollo, Kerstin af Jochnick and Elizabeth McCaul were appointed as representatives to the Supervisory Board of ECB Banking Supervision, each for a five-year non-renewable term. Additionally, the ECB issued a document where it states all the European Central Bank appointments.

The EBA published its final progress report on the implementation of its IRB roadmap. The roadmap, first set out by the EBA in February 2016, seeks to address concerns about undue variability in the application of internal models by ensuring comparability of the estimates of risk parameters, while retaining risk sensitivity. This progress report saw the EBA extend the deadline for introducing changes in the ratings systems by one year to the end-2021, and the deadline for implementation of changes in the loss given default (LGD) and conversion factors models for low default portfolios to end-2023 at the latest. The progress report also marked the end of the EBA’s roadmap process and it does not plan to make any further revisions to its guidance on internal models.

Other topics covered include:

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Prudential Regulation Review July 2019

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