Prudential Regulation Review - May 2019


May was another busy month for financial services regulation.

The EBA provided an update on its work in response to the Commission‘s call for advice on Basel III implementation, noting that it will publish its impact assessment at the end of July.

Sustainable finance was again a strong theme throughout May at a European and international level, demonstrating that this topic continues to move up the regulatory agenda.

Gerry Cross, Director of Financial regulation policy and risk, delivered a conference to ICSA about the key themes in financial regulation, giving a few insights into the key issues of accountability and sustainability as seen from the financial regulatory perspective.  Deputy Governor, Ed Sibley, spoke on the theme ‘European Economic and Monetary Union: the first and the next 20 years’.

Other topics covered across regulatory bodies include:

  • Highlights
  • Banking
  • Central Bank of Ireland
  • Other
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