Prudential Regulation Review December 2017


Prudential Regulation Review     

December 2017 

Decembers’ biggest news on the banking side was the release of the Basel committee’s final rules for Basel 3, the culmination of a decade of effort to revise banking regulation in response to the Financial Crisis. The BCBS also published the results of a cumulative quantitative impact survey to provide stakeholders with a benchmark for analysis and an estimated impact of the Committee’s finalisation of the Basel III reforms.

Key highlights

  • The European Central Bank adopted four supervisory priorities for 2018 and published an accompanying presentation with details of the 2017 SREP exercise and the approach for the 2018 stress test. 
  • There was also a continued focus on non-performing loans (NPL) with the EBA publishing templates targeted at enhancing the standardisation of data related to NPL transactions across the EU. Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Ireland published a research technical paper that considered the ongoing resolution of the NPL crisis. 


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Other topics covered

  • Capital 
  • Liquidity
  • Rethinking the domestic and international 
  • Disclosure valuation and accounting
  • Information security and data privacy 
  • Central Bank of Ireland
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