Cyber Transformation 

A holistic approach designed with people at the heart

Did you know that people are the single biggest risk factor to cyber-attacks? Many organisations overlook the human side of cybersecurity. Your investment in cybersecurity is realised when your people, processes and technology are aligned. Discover how to bring your people – your greatest asset - on your cyber transformation journey.

Establish a holistic approach to cyber risk management and transformation

Our cyber transformation approach provides a risk and people based solution, leveraging our global experience. We use industry best practices and standards such as the NIST Framework, the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity Framework to ensure your organisation has proactive control of its cyber risks. Our services will embed security uplift by ensuring the right people, processes and technologies are in place to deliver lasting change and real value to your business.

Cyber Transformation Services

We start by looking at your business objectives, and then customise, identify, prioritise and implement processes and solutions to maintain a consistent approach to mitigating the cybersecurity risks organisations face. Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving; we go beyond addressing the challenges of today, to help organisations embed sustainable solutions to prepare for the challenges of the future.

We offer a range of cyber transformation services that are tailored to your organisation's cyber maturity objectives. By understanding your main points, we design a package that's right for you, sample activities below: 

Convene leaders in an immersive lab environment to understand strategic goals, the drivers for change and align on actions for forward progress

A single day experience to navigate the evolving threat landscape and build the strategy to achieve your future state

An advanced cyber preparedness technique that immerses potential incident responders in a simulated and interactive cyber-attack scenario

Understand current security state and define culture vision and behaviours to build culture action plan

Review of organisational structures to identify existing capabilities, ways of working, handoffs and priority areas

Develop the cyber capability of both technical and non-technical employees

Build cyber awareness through a consumer-centric approach; engage & involve employees and other key stakeholders from the start

Proactive approach to identify and mitigate challenges in achieving the optimum future state

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