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In a data driven world, organisations are empowered to constantly drive innovation using personal data.  The value of this personal data continues to increase creating commercial opportunities, operational efficiencies and driving revenue. On the other hand, privacy risks are increasing and now more than ever individuals need to feel control over their personal data by relying on the ever-changing regulatory landscape to safeguard them.  Building privacy into business not only drives consumer trust but also builds an organisations brand and reputation.

We work with organisations across all industries to help navigate privacy legislation and providing solutions that are business enablers.  Our team of subject matter experts have a broad understanding of privacy risks and areas of operational improvement from legal and compliance, technology and data governance perspective.  We understand the challenges organisations face in implementing new legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we have built our privacy services on providing solutions to these key challenges.

  • Stakeholder awareness: Buy-in by the Board and senior management is the first step to any good compliance programme.  We provide on-site training and information sessions to help organisations fully understand the impact that GDPR will have and provide practical steps towards remediation and change programmes.
  • GDPR Health Check: A point-in-time snapshot of the current state of your organisation against GDPR requirements using our GDPR Health Check Tool. This provides an understanding of how applicable GDPR is to your organisation and gives a baseline indication of areas that require further remediation.
  • GDPR Readiness Assessment: Our readiness assessment is tailored specifically to your organisation and provides an ‘as-is’ in terms of compliance and is then benchmarked against GDPR requirements to provide you with a detailed gap analysis and remediation and implementation plan.
  • GDPR Governance and Accountability Assessment: We understand that one of the first steps to any kind of GDPR compliance is getting a good sense of the governance and accountability structure at on organisational level.  We use a tailored assessment based on privacy management best practices and GDPR requirements.
  • Data Inventories and Mapping: Under GDPR, there is a requirement to have full records of any data processing activities within an organisation and for these records to be readily available to regulatory authorities.  Our SMEs have compiled inventories and maps across all industries providing a register of personal data collected and how it is processed as well as data flows mapping out the flow of data across and outside of organisations.
  • Privacy by Design and Privacy Impact Assessments:  New requirements under GDPR will focus on ensuring that there is Privacy by Design at the beginning of any new project involving the processing of personal data.  In addition, Privacy Impact Assessments must be carried out in certain instances.  We can help implement these requirements throughout your organisation and help you to consider privacy at every stage.
  • Driving and building your Privacy Programme:  Through a combination of tactical and strategic actions, our team of privacy specialists can help your organisation to embed GDPR requirements into business as usual. The team have expertise in leading privacy programmes across large and complex organisations.  

In addition to the services above, we can also help with Policy Design and Re-design; Third Party Vendor Management; and Training and Awareness.

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