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Privacy compliance is important, but Deloitte is equally focused on the opportunities that privacy legislation brings. The emphasis is on helping organisations reap the benefits of their data in an increasingly data driven world.

New regulations have forced organisations to create order in the information they have, because order provides insight. As a result, the value of personal data continues to increase creating commercial opportunities, operational efficiencies and driving revenue. Deloitte is here to advise organisations to explore the business potential of their data and serve as their partner. Could privacy excellence become your organisation’s Unique Selling Point?

We work with organisations across all industries to help navigate data protection and privacy challenges and risks and pride ourselves on providing solutions that are practical, business enablers customised to the organisations data strategy. Our team of subject matter experts have a broad understanding of data protection and privacy risks including areas of operational improvement from a compliance, technology, digital and data governance perspective. We understand the challenges organisations face in in navigating the legislative landscape, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ePrivacy and wider as well as understanding the needs of the business and the rights of the data subjects.

We have built our services on providing practical and enabling sector-specific solutions to these key challenges and work with our Deloitte colleagues across our North South Europe network and Globally to combine the breadth and depth of capabilities across our leading member firms. These include but are not limited to:

Privacy Response
When confronted with a privacy emergency such as a data breach, an investigation of the Supervisory Authority, negative media attention or a large amount of data subject rights requests, we can help. To assist organisations in such situations, the Data Privacy Team has joined forces with other Deloitte teams specializing in Crisis and Resilience, Forensic and Cyber Incident Response to assist our clients with all the expertise needed when such a situation presents itself. We support you in your response, can advise you, train your staff or help you recover and improve your procedures to be better prepared in the future.

Privacy by Design
When you are planning new initiatives that involve the processing of personal data of individuals, you need to take the fundamental right to privacy of those individuals into consideration. Doing so from the moment you start designing your solution, is called Privacy by Design (PbD). Compared to a reactive approach of addressing data privacy after a new product, solution or service is implemented, proactively baking it into requirements reduces the risk of additional costs and delays down the line. PbD is mandatory under the GDPR and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) must be carried out in certain instances. We can help integrate these requirements throughout your organisation and help you to consider privacy at every stage. The result: your organisation makes the most of its data with cutting-edge technology, while staying fully GDPR compliant.


Privacy Strategy and Governance
Data protection and privacy legislation sets boundaries for your organisation but does not provide you with a clear direction to move. Setting this direction yourself enables you to make swift, justified and consistent decisions on how your organization uses personal data. This is why strategy is important. We help you assess your stakeholder field, the value and limitations of the personal data you (intend to) process, and a clear path to follow. This includes many perspectives, including ethical, legal and operational decisions you have to make. We can support you to establish clear direction, and help you set up a privacy organization to put your vision into practice, including roles, responsibilities, structure and headcount – from high-level view to detailed tasks: putting privacy into practice.

E-Privacy Regulation
The e-Privacy Regulation will replace the current e-Privacy Directive which each EU Member State has implemented into its own law. Our team of experts can support organisations with data privacy in relation to marketing practices, CRM systems, the and the use of cookies. In addition, Trust & Safety is the backbone of all digital privacy and we can help you navigate the data privacy implications of new and emerging legislation and codes (e.g. Age Appropriate Design Code)

Privacy Flash

Updates on regulatory developments, thought leadership, and advice in the field of data protection and privacy.

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The services above are just an example of what we can help with. In addition, we can also help with:

Risk Powers Performance
Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.

Privacy Flash
We will write a range of articles providing you with a more in-depth on key data protection and privacy topics. You can find our Privacy Flash page here.

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