Innovation and Ventures

We help organisations transform the way they innovate and grow

Through a combination of strategy, social science and technology, we apply design and new venture creation to spur growth and value creation across a company’s value chain.

Whether discovering the next big thing, expanding on what’s come before, or understanding how to harness digital disruption, businesses thrive and grow from innovation.

Deloitte’s design-led global innovation practice, brings together a set of singular capabilities, tools, and people to help organisations create new sources of growth and prosperity and drive those innovations to market with speed and agility.

Through a combination of strategy, social science, and technology, we apply design and new venture creation to spur growth and value creation across a company’s value chain. We do this by helping our clients to:

  • Establish and implement breakthrough innovation strategies that set the ambition for the organisations
  • Focus innovation efforts in the right place
  • Design, build, and launch new revenue streams
  • Become faster and more effective innovators


Deloitte have dedicated teams across the globe focussed on the deployment and interconnectivity of new exponential technologies. Our Dublin based Blockchain team are at the cutting edge of such capability and are actively developing and deploying blockchain solutions for our clients. At our core we have a highly experienced Technology Consulting capability which enables our clients to navigate the path from idea to deployment of this new and transformative technology. We work across the industry spectrums globally to design and deploy solutions for firms seeking to develop new capabilities.



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David Dalton

David Dalton

Partner | Consulting

David Dalton is a Consulting Partner and the North and Southern Europe Investment Management Sector leader. David is sponsoring partner for the Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab based in Dublin. He also se... More