Enterprise Model Design & Transformation Programs

Enterprise Model Design

Your strategy can only be as effective as your organisation’s ability to execute it. That means your operating model should be designed to drive your strategy and make your business model a reality.

Deloitte’s Enterprise Model Design practice helps organisations define how to operate in rapidly changing markets by working with them to validate their transformation ambition, identify and prioritise required capabilities, and design the operating model, including the role of emerging digital and robotics / cognitive technologies, to effectively deliver on the strategy.

We help companies navigate and accelerate change by prioritising focus areas and capabilities that drive significant value. This often involves two important activities: communicating a new vision that translates strategy into action, and facilitating up-front discussions to guide detailed process, organisational, and technology design.

Transformation Programs

Transforming your organisation to achieve its desired business and operating model is a complex process of maximizing positive transition while minimizing negative disruption. Deloitte’s Transformation Integration practice helps organisations define and execute large, complex transformation programs to achieve strategic objectives. 

We offer a big-picture perspective to your C-suite; provide critical decision-making, risk management, and resource tools with specific industry focus to help you navigate the journey; and chart a course for the least resistance, cost, and delay in accomplishing your objectives.

Deloitte’s approach to Transformation leverages its significant experience in driving change in large-scale, complex transformations across industries, while focusing on the need for appropriate talent, process, systems, and tools to manage critical integration points and risk factors. 

The approach may include a variety of different projects, such as designing a new operating model, implementing shared services, leveraging new sourcing options, deploying next generation process enhancements, enterprise resource planning, devising talent programs, or any of a number of other components. 

We bring together specialty resources within Deloitte, such as tax, financial advisory, consulting, and enterprise risk services, to provide a coordinated, comprehensive approach.

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