Integration Strategy & Execution

Preparations made prior to closing an M&A deal are just the beginning. Execution — fulfilling strategic expectations for the deal — is where shareholder value is ultimately generated.   Deloitte’s Integration Strategy & Execution practice help organisations define the pace and degree of integration that will take place once an acquisition or merger occurs. This includes deal success and measurement criteria, building a communication strategy into the integration plan, integrating and retaining key personnel, building tactical plans for the first 100 days, and transitioning into the post-merger environment. Post-Day 1 is the start of the new organisation and begins the work of implementing the combined organisation structure and work processes.

Our services encompass: 

• Sale & Purchase Agreement Advisory (SPA) 

• Financing Agreement Advisory

• Transaction Execution Support 

• Stakeholder Communications

• Purchase Price Allocation 

• Day 1 Planning 

• Integration Planning

• Synergy & Program Reporting 

• Organisation Design & Implementation 

• Customer/Product and Growth Strategy

• Supply Chain/Manufacturing & R&D Optimisation 

• Infrastructure Rationalisation 

• Culture and Change Management Program 

• 100 Day Plan

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