Real Estate & Location Strategy

Deloitte helps organisations create significant value with every real estate and location decision. Optimizes real estate operations and the enterprise footprint by combing leading edge strategies with the latest technology in real estate and location analytics to help organisations minimize costs, access new pools of talent, and mitigate risk.

Real Estate

Helps organisations address their real estate portfolio, operating model, workplace strategy, and real estate technology issues by executing complex programs that add value, improve service delivery, and mitigate risk as well to ensure the latest accounting standards regarding the accounting of lease contracts.

Build or buy, own or rent, integrate or segregate business — decisions about the facilities where your business and people operate is a critical part of the business model of our clients. Deloitte’s Real Estate Transformation practice assists companies in devising and executing real estate strategies to add value, reduce costs, ensure attractive working conditions for the future, improve service delivery and mitigate risk in the following ways:

  • Portfolio optimisation using a structured, strategic, and holistic approach to help fully leverage how and where real estate assets are deployed
  • Operations improvement to streamline real estate and facilities management service delivery, reduce costs, and improve performance by assessing and restructuring operating models, organisational structures, and business processes
  • Outsourcing advisory to help identify additional ways to streamline service delivery and reduce costs through effective insourcing and outsourcing
  • Workplace and mobility strategies focused on improving how, where and in which working environment your organisation works
  • IT strategy, design, and deployment, including migrating efficiently from your current state to a desired future state
  • Getting lease agreements onto the balance sheet compliant to IFRS/ accounting standards
  • Connected Real Estate: develop strategies to use IoT and sensors to increase the efficiency of your real estate, optimise space utilisation, optimise RE operations and efficiency

Location Strategy

Help organisations address complex location and footprint issues with strategies and methodology that includes global site selection, location analytics, site and talent market due diligence, and incentives negotiations

Where your talent and corporate assets are located can be as critical to your organisation’s effectiveness as the work they support.

Deloitte’s Location Strategy practice helps you address complex location and footprint issues in ways that add value and mitigate risk. As objective location advisors — not brokers — we stay firmly focused on your priorities and how to locate your business to effectively support your strategy. We can assist you with:

  • Enterprise footprint optimisation — honing your decision-making skills and resources so asset deployment decisions incorporate an enterprise view, capture benefits for the short term, and lay the foundation for long-term strategic priorities
  • Site selection — finding locations that access new markets, achieve operating cost targets, improve access to talent, and facilitate an issue-free ramp-up, including country analysis, city/site screening, detailed labour market and site due diligence, and comparative cost and conditions evaluations
  • Incentives negotiations — driving a favourable incentives outcome for each job creation or investment project, using a results-oriented process for statutory and discretionary incentives

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