Strategic Cost Transformation

Support clients to optimise and align costs strategically through the implementation of traditional approaches, target operating models and advanced cost solutions related to automation and cognitive technologies. Our final aim is helping clients to transform their business and operations to achieve sustainable actions that allow capture of savings, margin improvement and strategically allocate resources to growth initiatives

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Save to turnaround. Focus on immediate actions to reduce costs, maximise liquidity, bring stability, and capture savings to avoid further deterioration of the business.

Save to fund. Focus on actions that help improve cost and competitive position, avert cuts that might inhibit future growth, and rebalance costs to fund investments in business strategy enablers.

Save to grow. Enable or develop a scalable cost or business platform to fuel growth and investment in core capabilities while supporting a differentiated business strategy.

Save to transform. Improve business operations through application of disruptive cost approaches such as automation and cognitive solutions to enable agile strategies in the business and set the stage to thrive in a fast changing market environment.

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Cormac Hughes

Cormac Hughes

Partner - Consulting

Cormac is lead partner for the firm's Strategy & Operations and Human Capital Management consulting services. He has worked with Deloitte for 16 years and specialises in operations consulting and busi... More