Supply Chain Strategy

Business strategy defines an organisation’s goals and aspirations, where it will play (e.g., geography, customers, products) and how it will win (e.g., value proposition to customers, sources of defensible competitive advantage).  Deloitte’s Supply Chain Strategy offering is focused on helping our clients to create, refine, and implement supply chain strategies that support their overarching business strategy. We focus on helping companies determine what distinctive supply chain capabilities must be in place and what management structure, processes and systems will position the organisation to win in the marketplace.  This includes operating model design and optimisation as well as defining and developing supply chain capabilities that are core to competitive advantage, improving operational and financial performance, and managing supply chain related risk.

Supply Chain Talent of the Future

Twenty years ago, the Council of Logistics Management— as the leading society of supply chain professionals was then called—decided to spend tens of thousands of its members’ dollars on a curious project: it commissioned a novel. It was a thriller to be exact, called Precipice, portraying an intrepid logistician using the tricks of her trade to uncover a web of deception and save her family’s business.

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Cormac Hughes

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