Transaction Diligence & Execution

Faced with constrained time frames and exclusivity windows for options, M&A deal teams must act quickly, without sacrificing thoroughness. Deloitte’s Transaction Diligence & Execution practice provides the necessary rigor at the critical time — performing valuations, conducting due diligence, assessing deal benefits, planning for integration, and streamlining deal closing. We provide comprehensive financial, strategic, operational and transactional due diligence processes leading to solid letters of intent, sale and purchase agreements as well as Transaction Services Agreements. Tax guidance identifies efficiencies and strengthens an organisation’s negotiating position. Due diligence and risk assessment helps satisfy lenders risk concerns in today's expanding deal environment.

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Our services encompass: 

• Model Review/Accretion Analysis

• Bid Support

• Capital/Financing Advisory

• Negotiation Support

• Regulatory Compliance

• Clean Team & Program Set-Up

• IPO Readiness and Assist

• Non-Binding Offer Evaluation

• Data Room Preparation

• Negotiation Support

• Fairness Opinion

• Carve-Out Financials and Business Plan

• Transition Service Agreement (TSA) Schedule Drafting

• Detailed Separation Planning

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Alan Flanagan

Alan Flanagan

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