Transaction Readiness

Your M&A deal should leave nothing to chance. It’s critical to know everything about an acquisition target or a potential buyer before closing the deal. Deloitte’s Transaction Readiness practice performs the preliminary due diligence essential to avoiding problems later on. This includes establishing key criteria for targets and buyers and facilitating selection. It is critical that the selected buyer is well-prepared to assume control of the divested business and integrate operations.

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Our services encompass: 

• Target Screening 

• Operating Model Assessment 

• Pre-bid Advisory/Diligence 

• Commercial Due Diligence 

• Operational Due Diligence 

• Preliminary Synergy & Cost To Achieve Analysis  

• Blueprint Development 

• Buyer Identification & Relationship Building 

• Deal/Tax Structuring 

• Identification & Quantification of Key Value Levers/Upsides 

• Separation Design & Structure

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Alan Flanagan

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