Deloitte’s Globalisation Survey

Preparing for the next wave of globalisation

Having identified the trends that will affect global companies and Irish businesses in Business Trends 2014, the Globalization Survey serves as its companion. Together, both of these publications will serve to enlighten and inform you of what’s coming in business and how leading global executives plan to prepare for those changes.

The responses received from no less than 423 executives from around the world reinforce the idea that these changes are indeed top-of-mind for global executives. The responses also reveal that globalization remains a profoundly complex process — even though the business world is global, many challenges, policies, and solutions will remain intensely local.

The next wave of globalization brings with it many challenges as businesses will find new ways to engage with local communities and operate in emerging markets. Nearly 52% of respondents think that protectionist policies made operating in emerging markets extremely or very challenging (39% thought the same of developed markets). Intellectual property issues, supply chain capabilities, infrastructure problems, and securing an adequate supply of skilled labour are also seen as major challenges for businesses operating in emerging markets. Interestingly, executives from emerging market companies are much more likely to see these as challenging issues than developed market executives.


Deloitte’s Globalisation Survey
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