Midmarket perspectives

Evaluating strategic options

Fluctuating financial market conditions, increased interest in cross-border expansion, and constraints on organic growth are among the factors causing the owners and managers of $50 million-to-$1 billion businesses to take a step back to consider where they are in their company’s lifecycle.

Historically, evaluating strategic options has typically been associated with considering a sale of the business. But is it the only strategic option worth pursuing?

After deeply cutting costs over the past few years, many mid-market companies are increasingly focused on the top line. The difficulty companies have faced in growing organically and the tenacity with which companies are defending their customer bases, make holistically evaluating the operating and financial landscape, both domestic and international, a prudent approach for management teams to take.

This article discusses a strategic market analysis framework that mid-market business owners and executives can use on a regular basis to help them consider the various strategic options available and make informed decisions,  whether they intend to grow, diversify, or cash out.

Midmarket perspectives
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