Customer and market strategy

Moving towards profitable customer relationships

The dynamics of the business-customer relationship have changed in a number of fundamental ways.

Customers today are more complex, empowered, and demanding.

How we can help

The dynamics of the business-customer relationship have changed in a number of fundamental ways. Customers today are more complex, empowered, and demanding.  Organisations are increasingly focusing their strategies on building profitable customer relationships to ensure their future growth.

Deloitte has a pragmatic approach five step, recognised by analysts as world leading, to help you tackle these challenges:

  • Focus: Focus on the right markets, customers, products, services and channels
  • Align: Align with customer needs, expectations and value
  • Measure: Measure and maximise return on market, sales, service and product management spend
  • Enable: Enable success, through the right technology and organisation
  • Simplify: Simplify and eliminate unnecessary complexity

Asking the correct questions

Typical questions we assist our clients in answering are:

Customer experience

  • How do we define and deliver customer experiences that drive customer loyalty and fully leverage brand reputation?
  • What does the end to end customer journey look like and are we meeting or exceeding their expectations at key touch points?

Customer service effectiveness

  • How mature is our customer service organisation and is it fit for purpose in delivering our growth strategy?
  • Do our customers have a positive experience when dealing with our contact centre(s) and customer service teams?

Customer insights

  • Do we understand the trends and preferences that are associated with profitable customer relationships?
  • Who are the key decision makers from an operational to an executive level and do they have real time information to aid decision making?

Pricing and profitability management

  • What do we need to do to ensure that we effectively capture the value that we create for our customers through our pricing strategy and execution?
  • What are the major drivers of margin leakage and how do we improve adherence to pricing processes and policies?

Finding the right solutions

Finding the right solutions
Our solutions are all tailored to the specific needs of our clients.  They are delivered through our Strategy Consulting team in conjunction with our Analytics and Technology Consulting teams.  Some typical analyses that we undertake are:

Customer experience:  Through segmentation and customer journey planning, we assist clients in tailoring the experience by customer segment, allowing clients to specifically target the most profitable customers and ensuring the key touch points across the customer journey are carefully managed.  We also assist clients with establishing ‘Voice of the Customer’ programmes

Customer insight: Using analytics and real time dashboards we assist clients in understanding customer service history, sales history, preferences and profitability by customer segment.

Service effectiveness: Diagnose service issues through tools such as maturity assessments; design and implement a fit for purpose customer service organisation that meets and exceeds customer expectation and supports the client’s growth objectives.

Pricing and profitability management: Drive profitability and growth by improving the way prices are set and managed and implementing sustainable and repeatable margin improvements.