Emerging ERP Solutions

Deloitte’s Emerging Enterprise Resource Planning solutions drive functional excellence in human resources, finance, and other key operational units, positioning the wider organisation for sustainable growth and success.

Departments such as Human Resources, Operations, and Finance are the engine rooms that power an organisation’s performance and sustainable growth. But how do they ensure functional excellence within their own units? Deloitte’s Emerging Enterprise Resource Planning offerings are a powerful and versatile enabler of success.

Our professionals will advise on the transformational outcomes achievable through a range of ERP software-as-a-service options, and help you implement the one to suit your business needs. Workday Financials is a leading cloud-based solution for organisations looking to gain a clear, 360° picture of the workplace ecosystem. We have industry-leading experience in Workday implementation and will help you leverage its power to drive change and bring your people and business performance into full alignment.

The Deloitte Global Maximo Centre of Excellence (CoE), based in Dublin, brings deep knowledge in the design, build, and deployment of Maximo centric solutions for asset intensive industries. The Maximo CoE can transform asset operations with tools such as AI, Predictive Maintenance and Asset Performance Management. Whether you are in Energy, Oil and Gas, Facilities Management, Life Sciences, Health Services, or Manufacturing, the Deloitte Maximo CoE team will guide you along the journey to asset management excellence.
Allow us to introduce you to the game-changing power of these and other emerging ERP solutions.

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Asset tracking with IBM Maximo

Many organisations track, inventory, and professionally manage all their owned and leased assets—be it as part of a government requirement or for financial accountability purposes. Some even need to do annual inventories and report on missing or misplaced assets. Doing this manually via  spreadsheets and in-person inventory counts is time consuming and doesn’t help with real-time understanding of operability status for quick deployment. Our asset tracking solution, powered by IBM Maximo, is here to help you manage asset life cycles, track and tag operational assets, and report out quickly.


Maximo Centre of Excellence

Maximo is the world’s leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution and is used across a wide range of asset intensive industries. Deloitte are leading the way by collaborating with our clients to understand their business challenges and to devise cutting edge solutions to solve them.

Maximo Voice Assistant - Meet Maxwell

When engineers are working in high risk environments, they need to stay focussed on the job at hand. Shifting attention to update a work order or reference job instructions can be dangerous—or even fatal. That’s where Maxwell can help. Even when working in an offline environment, Deloitte’s Maximo Voice Assistant provides an audible and spoken interface to Maximo mobility platforms through simple engineer dialogue with Maxwell.

Tech trends 2019

Yes, uncertainty is disconcerting. But much of the tech-driven disruption today—and, likely, going forward—is both understandable and knowable.

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