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Meet our Climate & Sustainability experts

Climate change is complicated. But that's not stopping people around the world make a difference. And that includes people in our firm.

We're lucky to have some brilliantly diverse people leading our climate work across the business. From net zero specialists to sustainable finance experts, our colleagues have got some pretty impressive CVs and years of experience advising clients and governments on all things sustainability. To help you get to know them, we’ve created our ‘Meet the climate team’ series – a collection of short personal interviews that explore their areas of expertise and why they're passionate about the planet.

Marc Aboud - Sustainable Finance leader, sports and outdoors enthusiast.

Find out more about Marc, who joined Deloitte in 2010, and leads the sustainability offering with a specific focus on sustainable finance for the Irish firm. 

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Aoife Connaughton - Climate and Sustainability Director and eco-warrior.

Discover more about Aoife, who works with Public and Private sector clients to help them understand the how climate change risks relate to their organisations and what they need to do to mitigate and adapt for these risks.

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Paddy O'Callaghan - Analyst, sustainability enthusiast, sport and live music fanatic.

Next up we have Paddy - a recent graduate working as an analyst in the Sustainability Team in the Risk Advisory department, who helps to support his colleagues in areas like sustainable finance, decarbonisation, and sustainable strategy.

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Brian Jackson - COO, Cork native and sports lover.

Find out more about Brian, a Cork native who has worked with Deloitte since 2002 and is currently the firm's COO and WorldClimate executive sponsor. 

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Gemma Osaseyi - Internal Sustainability Lead, lifelong learner and climate justice advocate

Read more about Gemma, our Internal Sustainability lead from Co. Kilkenny who's rural upbringing formed where she is today.

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Alessio Predieri - Climate and Sustainability Manager, nature defender and food lover

Take a look at our piece from Alessio - a manager on our sustainability team with a degree in environmental sciences, with a specific focus on the climate change and decarbonisation services.

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Over the coming weeks we'll be shedding light into the lives and passions of our other Sustainability team members, including:

Laura Wadding - Sustainability Market Leader | Partner - Risk Advisory

With over 20 years experience in the funds sector, Laura leads our Sustainability marketing offering and is a Partner in the firm’s Risk and Regulation team. Specialising in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Culture in financial services, she holds a Degree in Law from the Institute of Technology and a Diploma in Compliance from the Institute of Bankers.

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