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Meet the Sustainability team - Marc Aboud

Climate change is complicated. But that’s not stopping people around the world to make a difference. We’re lucky to have some brilliantly diverse people leading our climate work across the firm. In this series, we help you get to know them, their areas of expertise and why they’re passionate about the planet.

Today we’re chatting to Marc Aboud, Director, Sustainable Finance leader, sports and outdoors enthusiast.

Finding a unique sense of purpose

I’ve worked with the Risk Advisory Department in Deloitte for over 10 years. My background is in risk and regulatory change in financial services. I have a real passion for sustainability and climate change and I lead the sustainable finance offering for the Irish firm

It is now widely known that the Financial Services has a huge role to play in order for the world to transition to a Net Zero economy. Knowing this, I find that this gives my role a unique sense of purpose. I’m in a fortunate position to be able to work with clients through their climate and sustainability challenges and opportunities, whilst also making a positive impact on the wider community and society at large.

Learning from a young age

I grew up in Dublin and I am the youngest of 5 children – an even more fortunate position to be the youngest of four older sisters! Our parents instilled in us little things like turning off the lights when we left the room and never wasting food, however little did we know what impact this could have from a climate change perspective. I was always curious but became really focused on climate change when I began looking into some of the IPCC reports and the impact a 1.5-2 degree world could have on our planet by 2050.

Our parents instilled in us little things like turning off the lights when we left the room and never wasting food. Little did we know what impact this could have from a climate change perspective.

Turning client's challenges into opportunities

On a daily basis I engage with clients on the latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) developments within financial services. Lately, conversations have been focused on areas such as sustainability challenges and opportunities, as well as integration into disclosure and reporting requirements. Across the globe, there is a deluge of upstream sustainable finance regulation impacting financial services. Given that my background is in risk and regulatory change in financial services, I focus my attention on supporting clients to comply with this regulation and therefore also supporting their transition to more sustainable futures.

Making an impact in the Irish market

In 2019, we conducted a sustainable finance skills assessment in the Irish market, with the analysis and report produced led to the establishment of sustainable finance skillnet. In short, this was a national network working together to develop skills and leadership capacity to advance ESG best practice across Ireland’s financial services sector. This is something I’m very proud of on a personal level - making an impact that matters in the area of sustainable finance across the Irish market. The success of this project means we are now performing similar exercises in other jurisdictions.

Making a change for generations to come

My inspiration is my family. I have a daughter who is nearly one years old and thinking of what the world may be like when she is 28 (2050) is my biggest motivation. To make even a (very) small impact to make the world a better place for her and for future generations would be a legacy I would be proud of. 

I also find the need to collaborate in order to tackle climate change inspiring. This is a global issue and without collaboration by all stakeholders, we run the risk of underachieving. As a team player, the notion of collaborating for impact is truly inspiring.

Marc's vision for the future?

My most hopeful vision for the future is a world where future generations have the same opportunities as we did. This is a world which is - limited as little as possible by the impact of climate change on physical, social and economic levels.

In the future, I would like to reflect on this current period in the earth’s history 2020 – 2030 and be proud of the legacy this generation has made for future generations. This is a huge task by all accounts but not unsurmountable and requires collaboration, education and dedication.

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We hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about Marc. Our sustainability team are here to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to find out more. And if you want to meet the others, you can fid out more about our team here. We’ll introduce you to new people every month.

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