Printing of electronically issued employment permits 

Ireland (9th December 2020) – The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment have announced the commencement of pre-Covid 19 measures in relation to the printing of original employment permits.

What is the change?

Since March 2020, due to Covid 19 restrictions, Irish employment permits have been issued as electronic copies, via email, by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE). The DETE has now announced that all employment permits issued since March 2020 electronically, will now be printed and issued as hard copies. The original permit will be addressed to the permit holder and sent to their employer/agent who is then asked to ensure that the employee receives the original permit. The certified copy will be sent separately to the employer/agent to be retained. Employment permits will be printed from this week onwards in date order from the application was received by the DETE.

Key points:

  • Implementation time frame: This change is set to take effect from 14 December 2020. 
  • Who is affected: Individuals who have had a valid employment permit issued since March 2020 
  • Next steps: The DETE will continue to issue electronic copies of the employment permits for the foreseeable future and no change in that regard has taken place. Employees and employers are to take no further action at this stage. The announcement is to notify employees, employers, and agents that the DETE has now begun to re-issue original, hard copies of employment permits. The DETE expects that it will take a few months to clear the existing backlog.

Analysis & Comments:

Deloitte welcomes the reinstatement of the hard copy permit issuance back to pre-Covid 19 policy, as it will allow employees to hold their original, hard copy permits once again. Employers will also receive the certified permit to keep safe on record, as before.

As previously, employers and employees should ensure to keep their original hard copy documents safe and accessible at all times.

DETE has provided a dedicated mailbox for employees and employers should they have any questions in relation to the printing system;

If you have employees or potential new hires who may be impacted by the above changes, please contact the Deloitte immigration team to assist.

We continue to update our FAQ for employers found here.

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