Ireland (March 01 2021) – Third Level Graduate Programme - Further temporary measure in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Impact - Medium 

What is the change?

A temporary measure has been introduced to allow all non-EEA persons holding a student permission (Stamp 2), who wish to avail of the Third Level Graduate Programme but are unable to report to their local registration office to receive a Stamp 1G, to submit an electronic application.

More information on this can be found here.

Key points:

  • This applies to all non-EEA nationals currently holding a Stamp 2 permission who have not been able to attend their local immigration office because they have returned to their home countries or countries of ordinary residence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or they cannot secure an appointment due to the impact of Covid-19.
  • Applications may be submitted electronically to the Registration Office, Burgh Quay, Dublin ( All required documentation should be scanned and included in the application.
  • Where a permission has been granted, applicants will still be required to register when they have returned to Ireland or appointments are available.
  • This temporary measure will cease to apply no later than 31 May, 2021. This is subject to an ongoing review of the Covid-19 situation.

Analysis & Comments

Deloitte welcomes this temporary measure as it enables those affected to commence in their employment as appropriate.

If you have any feedback at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact the Deloitte immigration team to assist.

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