Attracting overseas talent to Ireland


Attracting overseas talent to Ireland

The Special Assignee Relief Programme has been amended for workers coming to Ireland between 2015 and 2020.

The Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP) was first introduced in 2012 to encourage key personnel to relocate to Ireland. Individuals coming to Ireland on an assignment or as a local hire can qualify for this relief.

A qualifying employee may make a claim for 30% of their total compensation (including bonuses, Benefit-in-Kind's and share remuneration) to be excluded from PAYE. The exempt amount is still liable to USC and PRSI, however.

In addition, employers will be able to provide one return trip for the employee and family to the overseas country they are connected with, as well as school fees of up to €5,000 per annum per child, without creating an additional tax cost.

The relief was amended for new arrivals from 2015. The rules for calculating the relief were amended to increase the value, and therefore the attractiveness, of the relief. The conditions were also softened to allow more individuals to qualify for the relief.

For more information on the above download the Attracting overseas talent to Ireland guide.

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