The BEPS Project

At our 'Impact of BEPS' event on 23 September 2014, Deloitte Ireland and global partners shared their insights in respect of the reports.

Since July there has been continued discussion and debate on how Ireland should respond to the output from the BEPS process. This debate has intensified this week with the publication of the first phase of the OECD deliverables on Tuesday, 16 September.

Click here for a summary of the key measures arising from these OECD publications and see below for further alerts and actions.

On 2 October, the OECD published an updated calendar for planned stakeholders' input. Click here for details.

The Irish BEPS Consultation process closed on 22 July 2014 with Deloitte actively participating through our own submission (see related material below) and engaging with many multinationals and other relevant bodies. 

BEPS actions

BEPS action 1:

BEPS action 2:

BEPS action 4

BEPS action 5

BEPS action 6:

BEPS action 7:

BEPS action 8:

BEPS action 9:

BEPS action 10:

BEPS action 13:

BEPS action 14

BEPS action 15:



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