March 30, 2021 –Further Automatic Extension for Residence Permissions in Ireland


What is the change?

The Irish government has announced that foreign nationals with valid immigration permission, which expires between 21st April 2021 and 20th September 2021 will be granted an automatic extension until 20th September 2021. In addition to this the Burgh Quay Registration Office will be will remain closed.

Key points:

  • Implementation time frame: This change is set to take effect immediately. The Burgh Quay Registration Office will remain closed, until further notice.
  • Who is affected: All foreign nationals residing in Ireland with valid immigration permission (based on employment, studies, dependant family, tourism etc) due to expire between 21st April and 20th September 2021 are now provided an automatic extension until 20th September 2021. Additionally any permission which was renewed by the six previous automatic extensions and as a result expires during the period of 21st April and 20th September 2021 is also automatically renewed by this notice.
  • Next steps: Employers should update their employees with upcoming Irish Residence Permit expiries. Individuals located in Dublin who need to renew their IRP permission can still do so using the online renewal platform. These applications will continue to be accepted during the closures. Regional registration offices (outside Dublin) remain open, subject to COVID-19 restriction; meaning that individuals residing outside of Dublin may still be able to register and renew their permission at their local Garda station.

Analysis & Comments:

The Irish government has made this decision as part of the response to COVID-19, in-line with recent restrictions.

In Ireland, all non-EEA nationals must apply for an employment permit to work. For certain nationalities, individuals must then apply for an entry visa to enter Ireland to commence work. Once in Ireland, all non-EEA nationals must apply for an Irish Residence Permit to register their permission and reside. This Irish Residence Permit is to be renewed in Ireland when appropriate by the non-EEA national.

This automatic extension comes after the previous six extensions that were implemented first, on 20th March 2020; second, on 13th May 2020; third, on 16th July 2020; fourth, on 20th August 2020; fifth, on 18th September 2020; and sixth on 23rd December 2020. Any permission that was renewed by these previous notices and now has a new expiry date between 21st April and 20th September 2021 is automatically renewed by this notice until 20th September 2021.
This measure has been introduced to allow foreign nationals additional time to renew their permissions prior to 20th September 2021. This ensures that employees retain their permission under the same conditions during this time. It is important to note that foreign nationals will not receive an updated permission as part of this announcement. If they wish to travel before renewing their residency permission, we would advise contacting our Deloitte immigration team in advance of departing Ireland.

All renewals in the Dublin area are now being processed online only. This system has been available since 20th July 2020. Such applications will continue to be accepted during these closures.

If you have employees or potential new hires who may be impacted by the above changes, please contact the Deloitte immigration team to assist. We continue to update our FAQ for employers found here.

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