Deloitte is the global leader in R&D tax credits and incentives

Deloitte is the largest provider of R&D tax credit and incentives services globally. We provide support to multinational businesses in over 40 countries around the world.

Deloitte provides strategic advice and tactical support to multinational businesses in identifying and claiming government incentives to help enhance management of R&D expenditures, cash flows, and growth. Deloitte’s dedicated R&D specialists offer a number of advantages to clients, including:

•       Our established global practice of integrated R&D tax practitioners, industry specialists, and grants professionals provides a foundation to build and implement forward-thinking incentives strategies

•       Incentives Insight, our global methodology, cohesively unifies multi-jurisdictional engagements to enable enhanced claims strategy, preparation, and defence

•       I Smart, our proprietary technology, helps automate the information-gathering process to facilitate a more efficient and productive annual R&D tax incentive process

•       Deloitte’s deep experience in working with regulators and tax authorities in jurisdictions around the world provides clients with the relevant information to manage potential opportunities and leverage their global infrastructure used in developing their valuable intellectual property, regardless of its location.

Our Global R&D Tax Credits and Incentives Leaders are:





 David Shanahan


 Herbert Kovar


 Patrick Brauns


 Flavia Crosara


 Albert De Luca


 Oscar Cheng


 Finny Cao


 Sonja Ifkovic

 Czech Republic

 Ludek Hanacek


 Thomas Perrin


 Thomas Northoff


 Csaba Markus


 Ashesh Safi


 Anny Degani


 Ranieri Villa


 Mark Brandon


 Alina Ulinauskiene


 Daniel Lim


 Humberto Zapien


 Helene Geijtenbeek


 Magdalena Burnat-Mikosz


 Sergio Oliveira


 Vasily Markov


 Hwee Chua Low

 South Africa

 Newton Cockcroft

 South Korea

 Jee Won Kwon


 Cayetano Olmos


 Burak Inam

 United Kingdom

 Carmen Aquerreta

 United States of America

 Mick Kane


 Sergio Duchini


Deloitte’s extensive knowledge in Ireland, coupled with our experience in working with both domestic and multinational companies allows us to provide a robust assessment of the qualifying activities to be included in the R&D tax credit claim. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss how R&D tax credits might benefit your organisation either in Ireland or globally.


Deloitte is the global leader in R&D tax credits and incentives.

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