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Delays in Employment Permit Application Processing Times

The Department of Enterprise Business and Innovation are incurring significant delays in the processing of employment permits at present. The impact for employers is that foreign nationals requiring an employment permit will be delayed in receiving their permission to work.

The Employment Permit Section divides employers using the employment permit system into

  1. Trusted Partner applications (expedited processing of employment permit applications)
  2. Standard applications

As of the 2nd of July, the current processing time for a Trusted Partner application is approximately 5/6 weeks. The processing times for Standard Employment Permit applications are approximately 13 weeks. This is a marked increase in processing times - especially for Trusted Partners applications.

Deloitte’s View

The practical impact of the delay in processing times for employers and employees is employers may have to defer scheduled start dates if permits are not processed in advance of scheduled start dates.

In order to minimise this risk, we would advise employers to commence the application process with their employees as early as possible to try to avoid any unnecessary delays in start dates. Employers should check if the prospective employee requires an employment permit and take immediate steps in conjunction with the employee to gather the necessary documentation required for the process, even if the timeline is sooner than with previous employees who have obtained employment permits. Employers should also notify their recruitment teams to make them aware of delays.

Deloitte will in the meantime continue to monitor the situation and engage with all parties to provide further updates.

If you would like to find out more about this matter, please contact myself or our lead in our Immigration Services, Roisin Fitzpatrick (

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