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Re-entry visa applications must be submitted by registered post by the 9th of November to be issued for December and January holiday travel

A re-entry visa is a multiple-entry visa that can be obtained after a foreign national has moved to Ireland and obtained an Irish Residence Permit (IRP card). Only citizens of so-called ‘visa-required countries’ must apply for re-entry visas.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service has published a cut off point for visa required nationals seeking to travel before Christmas. They have confirmed the applications must be filed by the 9th of November.

Deloitte’s View

Any visa required nationals whose current re-entry will expire before Christmas or visa required nationals who have just entered Ireland – must apply before this date if they wish to travel over the Christmas period. Before applying for the re-entry visa, they must first register to obtain or renew their Irish residence permit permission. We can assist with guidance on filing a re-entry visa application. If they travel without this a valid re-entry visa, they are likely to be denied re-entry into Ireland.

New permission created for ‘undocumented’ persons in Ireland

A new scheme has been created for non-EEA nationals who held a valid student permission during the period of 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2010 and who have not in the intervening period acquired an alternative immigration permission. The scheme will be open for 3 months, from Monday 15 October 2018 to Sunday 20 January 2019 (inclusive). Successful applicants will be granted an Irish Residence Card stamp 4S permission that will provide an immigration permission to live and work in the State without the need for an Employment Permit, for two years. At the end of two years, applicants will be granted a Stamp 4 permission for one year if they can provide evidence that they have complied with the terms of the temporary stamp 4S conditions.

Deloitte’s View

Companies will be able to employ non-EEA nationals who hold this Stamp 4S. This permission is then renewable for a further one year.

Submissions Sought to review Highly Skilled Eligible List (HSEOL) and Ineligible Categories of Employment List

The Department are now seeking submissions to include or amend occupations on the ‘Highly Skilled’ and ‘Ineligible’ lists of occupations in Ireland. This affects companies seeking to hire foreign nationals in Ireland in certain role

The Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List (HSEOL) and Ineligible Categories of Employment List (ICEL) for employment permits are now being reviewed. The HSEOL is a list of occupations where the Department believes there is a shortage in respect of qualifications, experience or skills which are required for the proper functioning of the economy. If an employee’s roles falls into the HSEOL – they can apply for a Critical Skills Employment Permit. If the employee’s role falls into the ICEL – they generally cannot apply for an employment permit.

The Department is seeking to submissions regarding occupations currently included on or absent from the lists.

Please note the closing date for receipt of submissions using the form is 2nd November 2018.

If your company wish to include any roles to be included on the ‘Highly Skilled’ List or removed from the ‘Ineligible’ List – this is the opportunity to make a business case to include these roles. We have seen a number of occupations which are currently sought within the Irish economy and where we have seen a difficulty to fill them within the EEA and Switzerland market –we will be making a submission in respect of these roles. If your company would like to make an input in respect of this, please let us know your comments.

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