GlobalAdvantage™ Compensation Assistant

Simplify the collection and review of your international assignee payment data.

What is it?
GlobalAdvantage (GA) Compensation Assistant is a webbased tool used for collecting, validating, reviewing, and reporting on compensation and off-payroll payments for your globally mobile population.

Why do I need it?
GA Compensation Assistant provides the framework for centrally managing the compensation collection and review process. In this capacity, the tool facilitates the ability to answer common questions such as: What payments were made for my assignees in their various host and home locations? Is the data current and correct? What is the status of my payment collection activities?

GA Compensation Assistant can also:

Enforce a standard collection process: If your assignee off-payroll payments are not currently collected and reviewed in a timely and consistent manner, Deloitte can help review your current payroll and year-end processes and make recommendations to standardize payment descriptions, policies, validation logic and reporting under a single shared tool.

Allow access to a single set of data: Since GA Compensation Assistant is web accessible, any user with an internet connection can login to update, review, or report on your entire assignee payment data from a single tool. This eliminates the sharing of spreadsheets and data between multiple locations and systems and addresses problems related to version control and compatibility that are often associated with spreadsheet solutions.

Transfer review tasks to your end users: GA Compensation Assistant has the ability to define validation rules at the field level. This powerful feature transfers the burden of review to the individuals performing the data entry function. For instance, do you have policy whereby reimbursements are capped at a certain amount? With GA Compensation Assistant your users will be notified of the cap and required to provide a reason for any values they enter outside of the pre-determined range. These fields are then highlighted allowing for a streamlined review of data submissions.

Support multiple currencies: Utilise your own company-provided or Deloitte-provided exchange rates. Allow your foreign locations to enter each payment in the appropriate source currency (currencies are not limited to home and host locations). Feel free to specify a different target currency for year-end reporting or export purposes. All rates will be transformed without re-inputting the original source currency and amount.

Potentially reduce penalties and additional work that result from bad data: Data entry errors that arem not discovered in time can cause costly revisions. This can lead to incorrect wage statements and tax returns, potentially resulting in interest and tax penalties. To help provide that data is entered into GA Compensation Assistant correctly, payment descriptions can be set up with validation logic and on-screen help that can be tailored to company-specific descriptions in any language. These important safeguards implement up-front controls that can create savings by avoiding costly income restatements.

Protect personal information: The GA Compensation Assistant security model has the flexibility to configure which pages and assignees users will be able to access. Do you need to restrict a trainee to simply “view-only” access to Belgium assignees? Or do you wish to allow an experienced staff person to “update,” but not “delete” assignee data for all European Assignees, but not individuals in an executive division? GA Compensation Assistant has flexibility to grant or deny user access to menus and key features of the tool via configuration of “roles.” In addition, you can restrict user access to assignees via home/host country and division filters.

Provide an audit trail: To manage risk and address regulatory or internal tracking requirements, GA Compensation Assistant maintains an audit trail that shows the date, time and user who last updated each page. In the case of compensation data, the entire history of changes to a specific payment (including amounts, currencies, and comments) are maintained in an audit trail visible on screen or available on customised reports.

Facilitate secure transmission/storage of data: All data transmissions are encrypted. All servers are maintained by Deloitte in secured facilities. There is no need for you to set up and maintain infrastructure, security updates, or backups.

Allow flexible reporting and exporting: GA compensation assistant provides a basic set of reports that can be filtered in a number of user-confi gurable ways. If you desire additional customisation, each report can be exported to Excel or PDF for additional manipulation. If you need to pass this data into any specific software, you can export any compensation assistant report to .xls, .xml, or .csv fi le formats.

What does it look like?
GA Compensation Assistant shares a similar interface with other tools in the GlobalAdvantage Suite. This continuity of navigation helps to reduce training time. The main compensation input page emulates a spreadsheet with red highlighting designed to draw attention to questionable entries.

How is it setup?
Initial setup requires you or your Deloitte implementation team to configure organisation defaults, payment descriptions, policies, assignees, and users as appropriate for your methodology. If GA IHR is currently leveraged within your organization, assignee, payment descriptions, and currency data are shared. Otherwise we provide a simple Excel interface that can be used to import data from 3rd party systems.

How is it used during the year?
During a typical input/review cycle, off-payroll payments can be entered manually or imported in batch by users at each of your locations worldwide. Users will receive immediate feedback if they attempt to enter an amountm that fails a configurable validation range . Once users have indicated their update is complete, reviewers can perform a more detailed review (typically focusing on entries that were highlighted in red). They can double-click any questionable cell to obtain a complete audit-trail of changes made to that cell. Finally, when they are satisfied that everything has been accurately entered, they can lock the reviewed periods so that reporting and exporting to other systems can be performed.

Can it be customised to my needs?
Our goal was to make this tool as configurable and easy to use as possible to address the varying needs of our clients. You have full control over which items are collected, and also over the validation thresholds, pop-up help (in any language) and default currencies applied to each item. In addition, you can control which assignees your users are granted access to, which menus they are granted access to, and also the level of access they will have on each screen (view, update or delete). And of course, we are also happy to partner with you to provide custom import, export or reporting needs.

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