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Decemeber 2018 edition

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In this edition of Indirect Tax Matters, we provide you with Deloitte commentary on topical Indirect Tax issues which we hope you find insightful. Included this month are a summary of the announced changes which will take effect as a result of the Budget and Finance Bill, and an overview of how to successfully complete the Annual Return of Trading Details which for many will be due next month.

Following previous articles regarding Revenue interventions, we have outlined the steps that you should seek to take if you have recently received a Notification of Revenue Audit. Following the judgement which was handed down in the recent Ryanair case we include a high level summary with potential impacts that may arise for businesses following this judgement.

In this edition we also provide an overview of the different place of supply rules for goods and services along with the importance of these rules. Additionally we explore some of the tax technology tools available that can save a tax professional some valuable time.

Our regular update on recent decisions in Irish and EU VAT cases is again included. We also note and comment on recent updates issued from the Irish Revenue Commissioners on VAT and Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) matters.

Our Indirect Tax team are acutely aware of the complex issues challenging businesses domestically and globally. Indirect Tax Matters is designed to provide insight to assist you in meeting those ever evolving challenges.

  1. Budget/Finance Bill update
    Budget 2019 made a variety of changes relating to Indirect Tax. In this article, Sandija Veigule provides an overview of the changes which have already taken effect from 9th October or which will apply from 1st January 2019
  2. Annual Return of Trading Details (ARTD)
    The Annual Return of Trading Details is a statistical return required to be filed on the 23rd of the month following the accounting period end of a business. For many businesses the return will be due on 23rd January 2019. Christopher Connolly provides advice on the steps to take to reduce stress when filing the return of trading details which comes during the busy “year-end process” for many firms.
  3. Notification of Revenue Audit – what now?
    Following the Revenue audit article in the last edition, Eithne Lunn now expands on the immediate steps to be taken should you receive a Notification of Revenue Audit along with the reasons why you may have been selected for an audit by Revenue
  4. 7 ways technology can help Tax Directors improve efficiencies
    With ever increasing demands on a Tax Director their time is becoming more precious. Embracing technologies now will improve efficiencies and allow time for more strategic action. There are some quick actions that can be taken to improve efficiencies – are you getting the most out of the technology already available to you?
  5. Ryanair Case: CJEU allows VAT recovery on costs related to aborted share transactions
    In light of the recent Ryanair judgement, Ciara McMullin provides commentary on the case and discusses the effects it may have for businesses in the future.
  6. Place of Supply: Goods vs Services – Who must pay VAT and where?
    Lorraine Morrison details the place of supply rules which relate to both goods and services while outlining how you can determine whether or not you may have a VAT obligation.
  7. Recent Irish and Court of Justice of the European Union Cases
    Learn how CJEU cases could potentially impact your business with our brief synopsis of some of the more recent decisions.
  8. Our view on recent updates from Irish Revenue and EU Commission
    Discover our insights as we reflect on ‘ebriefs’ and guidance notes issued by the Irish Revenue Commissioners on Indirect Tax issues together with the latest developments at EU level.
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