Indirect Tax Matters


Indirect Tax Matters

August 2017

In this edition of Indirect Tax Matters, you will find insightful Deloitte commentary on topical Indirect Tax issues. We feature articles providing practical insight to assist you in considering the potential application of Relevant Contracts Tax, recent decisions in Irish and EU VAT cases, with comment as to their implications for business, and updates from the Irish Revenue Commissioners on VAT and RCT matters and how these may impact you.

Also featured are articles on VAT risks to businesses from fraudulent traders which considers who is actually liable for the VAT defrauded in addition to an article on VAT on property which is a notoriously complex area. We also provide details of a number of VAT methodologies and reliefs available to ease the VAT burden and consider what businesses should be doing in relation to Brexit.

Our Indirect Tax team in Deloitte Ireland are acutely aware of the complex issues challenging businesses domestically and globally.  Indirect Tax Matters is designed to bring you topical insights and assist you with meeting those challenges.

1. Not just the Construction Industry?

Alan Kilmartin explores the wider application, providing a number of examples, of how Relevant Contracts Tax can apply to any pretty much any business or individual and why, if managed correctly, it should not represent additional cost apart from administration, in fact, in some circumstances it can even improve your cash flow position.

2. Recent Irish and Court of Justice of the European Union Cases

Learn how CJEU cases could potentially impact your business with our brief synapsis of some of the more recent decisions.

3. Our view on recent updates from Irish Revenue and EU Commission

Discover our insights as we reflect on ‘ebriefs’ and guidance notes issued by the Irish Revenue Commissioners on Indirect Tax issues

4. VAT - Whose liability is it anyway?

Conor Walsh identifies a concerning trend across Europe regarding VAT fraud, considers relevant case-law and comments on the position adopted in Ireland.

5. VAT – General savings/opportunities

There are various savings and reliefs available to ease the burden of VAT on businesses. In this article, we briefly take you through some of the opportunities that may be available to your business.  

6. VAT and Property Sales

Property transactions are a unique and complex area in VAT law and property sales can have potentially costly consequences for both purchasers and vendors. Abigail Dennis gives an overview of the VAT consequences and considerations for both vendors and purchasers for property sales.

7. Preparing for Brexit

In this article we consider some of the VAT and customs changes in terms of what business should do to prepare for the changes.

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