Ireland (16 August 2021) – The Department of Justice in Ireland publishes mid-year progress report on 12 August 2021


What is the change?

The Department of Justice’s mid-year progress report, published on 12 August 2021, outlines the progress made with their 2021 strategy goals. Goal number 4, referred to on pages 31-35 of the report, aims to: deliver a fair immigration system for a digital age. This mid-year report updates us on the progress of these goals.

Further to this on the 16 September 2021, the Immigration Service Delivery [ISD] published a digital strategy, available here, for immigration. This will implement 4 phases that will see an operational model concurrent activities evolve. Key focuses will include a move to digital structures (more use of e-signatures, digital COVID certificate scheme) and improving customer service facilities.

Key points:

Implementation time frame: The report is published August 2021, and provides updates on objectives and actions that are set for 2021.

Who is affected: any interested parties who may be interested to hear the intended policy improvements and updates.

Key Updates from the mid-year progress report:

  • The Department of Justice has completed a pilot visa scanning solution. Full implementation is in progress.
  • The Department of Justice is working on continuing to the digitalisation of all immigration services.
  • The Department of Justice has completed an end-to-end process review of the International Protection Process.
  • Draft proposals have been finalised for developing and implementing a scheme for the regularisation of undocumented migrants.
  • The waiting period for access to the labour market has been reduced from 9 months to 6 months and the validity period of a labour market access permission has been increased from 6 months to 12 months for international protection applicants.
  • The Department of Justice has achieved several goals that aim to improve communication and customer satisfaction with service users.
  • They have successfully launched a new Immigration Services website.
  • Developments have also been made in goals that aim to eliminate processing backlogs across all application types.

 Analysis & Comments:

Deloitte welcomes this detailed analysis on the progress of the improvements that the Department of Justice has set out to complete. It is noteworthy to see that out of the 25 objectives listed for the immigration sector, 13 have already been accomplished, with others in progress. 

If you have any questions on theobjectives and actions listed in the report, and how this may affect your current and future employees, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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