Ireland (5 May 2021) – List of countries for mandatory hotel quarantine restrictions updated – effective May 4 2021


What is the change?

Individuals travelling into Ireland from a ‘Category 2 country’ (countries added effective May 4, 2021), or who have travelled through a ‘Category 2 country’, are now required to complete a 14 day mandatory hotel quarantine in a designated quarantine facility, immediately upon arrival in Ireland. Individuals arriving into Ireland without a negative or ‘not detected’ RT-PCR test must also complete this 14 day mandatory hotel quarantine, regardless of where they have travelled from.

Key points:

  • Implementation time frame: The changes are set to take effect on 4 May 2021.
  • Who is affected: Nationals travelling into Ireland from countries listed on the designated ‘Category 2 list’. This refers to travellers who have been in or to a ’high risk’ country in the last 14 days before entry to Ireland, including transit travel through these countries.
  • Please find update list here.
  • Next steps: Employers should update their employees who are seeking to enter Ireland on 4 May 2021. Affected travellers will be required to complete 14 days of mandatory hotel quarantine at a designated facility. The accommodation must be pre-booked and paid for before travelling to Ireland. The quarantine time can be reduced if a traveller receives a not-detected result of a COVID-19 test that is taken after ten days. It will also be extended if a passenger tests positive during their stay.

Once the traveller has reached their port of entry, they will be met by members of the Defence Forces who will ensure that the traveller is safely and securely transported to the location in which they will complete their pre-booked mandatory hotel quarantine. On completion of mandatory quarantine, the traveller will receive a letter confirming this.

If affected travellers do not fulfil the legal requirement for mandatory hotel quarantine, they are committing an offence and can be fined up to €2,000 or get a prison sentence of up to 1 month, or both.

Exemptions to the mandatory hotel quarantine include:

  • If travellers are fully vaccinated and have the documents to prove that, then they will not have to complete mandatory hotel quarantine when they come to Ireland. However, if even they are fully vaccinated, the traveller will still have to provide a negative pre-departure PCR test and complete a period of self-quarantine at home or wherever specified in the passenger locator form.
  • Travellers arriving into the State in the course of duty and who hold a valid Annex 3 certificate (ensuring the availability of goods and essential services).
  • Travellers arriving in the State in the course of duty and who are drivers of a heavy goods vehicle.
  • Airline pilots, aircrew, maritime master or maritime crew and who arrive in the State in the course of performing duties.
  • Those travelling to the State pursuant to an arrest warrant, extradition proceedings or other mandatory legal obligation.
  • A member of An Garda Síochána or Defence Forces (or their equivalents from another state) and travelling to the State in course of duty.
  • Those travelling to the State for unavoidable, imperative and time-sensitive medical reasons and these reasons are certified by a registered medical practitioner or person with equivalent qualifications outside the State.
  • Those having been outside of the state to provide services to or perform the functions of an office holder (under any enactment or the Constitution) or a member of either house of the Oireachtas or the European Parliament.
  • Diplomats and certain other categories of persons entitled to privileges and immunities in the State.

Analysis & Comments: The Irish government has made this recommendation, which is line with other countries, in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

It is important to note that the list of designated states will be subject to change at short notice and passengers are required to check the list before travelling to Ireland, to be sure of their obligations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your designated Deloitte contact. Impacted employees will be kept informed of any changes.

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