Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: The Irish Cut

There’s no place like phone 

Deloitte conducts a Global mobile consumer survey each year. 2016 is the first year that Deloitte surveyed a representative sample of the Irish market. The aim was to gain insight into the trends and behaviours which arise from the adoption of mobile technology. The research carried out provides insight to businesses on the trends which are shaping opportunities in their markets. We are also able to compare the rate of adoption of mobile technology and services in the Irish market to show the potential for disruption. 

Key highlights:

  • 86 per cent of adults have access to smart phones and are using these as their primary mobile device
  • 72 per cent of 18-24 year olds reach for their phones in the middle of the night
  • 61 per cent of all those surveyed reach for their mobile phones within 15 minutes of waking. 


Mobile is being used to discover and access an ever increasing number of goods and services in our work (email and IM) and private lives (eCommerce, social and media consumption). 

The consumer clearly appreciates the benefits of digital and mobile in their daily lives. As a business with an online presence, be it a website or mobile App, it is helpful to understand the opportunities and be well equipped to emerge into and serve new markets. This is essential for all businesses with an online presence and not just to device manufacturers, operators and service providers. 

Businesses that have identified key trends, that have defined a digital strategy and that have invested in the necessary capabilities to engage with other businesses and consumers in the mobile economy, are best placed for future growth. However, this requires a shift in mind-set to be truly mobile, delivering on your promise to customers in terms of the customer experience. It also means addressing consumer trust concerns around privacy and security. 

Finally appropriate, contextual engagement and real-time or near real-time insight is needed to accelerate your Mobile Business Strategy. 

The report can be downloaded from the Deloitte Ireland Home page here

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