Private business in Ireland 

The challenges and opportunities

All commercial success stories, from the largest technology companies in the world to a lucrative, local, family-run grocery business, arise from a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit.

Fortunately, that spirit is strong in Ireland and our nation has developed into an entrepreneurial hub, benefitting from a competitive environment for investment.

Indigenous businesses in Ireland will be critical to the country’s continuing economic recovery, providing employment in all cities and towns. In our view, supporting these businesses to stay in business longer and to scale their businesses internationally is important.

Having conducted an analysis through a survey of over 60 individuals in Irish businesses, we have gathered valuable data and insight from Ireland’s leading entrepreneurs, and this has helped us identify the most critical issues facing businesses in Ireland today. Based on this, we identify a number of areas that we consider to be vital to the success of a company as it progresses through the various stages of its life cycle. We examine the following areas in this report:

  • Early stages
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Establishing the business
  • Growth stage
  • Exit strategy.

We hope this report assists companies in both addressing the challenges, and capitalising on the opportunities, that currently exist.

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Private Business in Ireland: key survey insights

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