R&D incentives in Ireland

Deloitte’s Gi3 team can help your company to add significant value to your R&D function by optimising the process of identifying and claiming a range of R&D incentives.

RD&I Grants

Knowledge development box: Modified nexus formula

The modified Nexus formula, which provides for the computation of Qualifying Profits, for which a 50% taxable income deduction is available, is as below:

Knowledge development box: Modified nexus formula

The modified Nexus formula, which provides for the computation of Qualifying Profits, for which a 50% taxable income deduction is available, is as above.


  • Qualifying Expenditure is the R&D expenditure incurred in creating, developing or improving a qualifying IP asset. This includes internal R&D expenditure (salary costs of Irish employees, materials, equipment, overheads incurred in performing R&D and outsourcing to third parties) incurred by the company
  • Overall Expenditure is the qualifying expenditure plus any acquisition costs of IP used to develop the IP asset, R&D costs incurred by the Irish company itself outside the EEA (which could be qualifying if incurred within the EEA), and payments to connected parties for those group members to carry out R&D activities. Group outsourcing only relates to expenditure on activities which could have been qualifying expenditure if undertaken by the Irish company itself in the EEA
  • 30% uplift is the lower of the aggregated acquisition costs and group outsourcing costs, and 30% of the qualifying expenditure

Interaction of the incentives

R&D tax credits and RD&I grants are not mutually exclusive

  • Overall project costs supported by external funding can be as much as 43.75%, however a lower amount in the region of 30% is much more likely (see example scenario below).
  • Credits and grants can be claimed on the same project(s) though credits cannot be claimed on expenditure covered by grants

E.g. Total project cost:   


Qualifying expenditure R&D tax credits


Qualifying expenditure RD&I grant


Grant funding

€200,000 (10% of €2,000,000)

R&D tax credit

€450,000 (25% of €2,000,000 less €200,000)

Total external funding

€650,000 (32.5% of total project cost)

N.B. in many cases not all the €2,000,000 will qualify for tax credits or for grant, depending on the nature of the activities.

KDB benefits are separate to both grants and R&D tax credits and therefore any tax deductions for KDB is incremental to tax.

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