Relevant contracts tax online compliance

The right framework

The RCT compliance system is being fundamentally altered. The online ‘eRCT’ system is to be operational from 1 January 2012. While the system has considerable advantages over the old regime significant risks still exist because even minor compliance errors can result in significant tax exposures.

How we can help you?
Whether you are a well-established company or contemplating new contracts, or indeed an international company taking on any construction or related activity including meat, forestry or power supply in Ireland, you need to be aware of your RCT obligation. First and foremost, we can help you identify your obligations in this regard. Our dedicated team can advise Principals and contractors on all aspects of RCT compliance and the appropriate steps and processes required.We have a wealth of experience in all sectors including construction, property, meat processors, forestry operations, technology providers, power generation, PPPs, rail/transport networks and offshore activities.

We have significant experience in carrying out preaudit/RCT health checks and preparing voluntary disclosures. Our first-hand experience with Revenue, and our proven ability to negotiate with them, ensures you get comprehensive support with your RCT obligations.

We can also provide training on the practical operation of RCT tailored to suit your specific business needs and any of our RCT services can be provided separately or as part of a suite of tax, audit, consulting and financial services.

Relevant contracts tax online compliance
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