Research and development in the manufacturing sector


Research and development in the manufacturing sector

Manufacturing sector
Firms operating in Ireland in the manufacturing space and claiming the R&D tax credit typically fall into three categories,

  • Development of a novel device or system using proprietary knowledge, through innovation and advancement in technology.
  • Implementation of a new manufacturing process with the goal of improving performance/productivity or meeting improved cost targets, or introducing a level of automation into a labour intensive process.
  • Technological development of an improved product, system or device to improve characteristics, performance or resolving system uncertainty.

Examples include incremental improvements made to existing products and systems to increase efficiency and the integration of advanced control to increase output and reduce inaccuracy.

We are also seeing an increase in the use a of disruptive technology such as 3D printing to reduce cost and lead time in prototype part production and biomedical components production.

Industries in this space include biomedical device, automation, mechanical component manufacture, aerospace industry and electronics/lighting.

Energy and clean technology sector
With the ever increasing goal of energy cost reduction at national, company and citizen level, many Irish companies and universities are leading the way in research and development in an attempt to harness power from sustainable sources such as wind, wave and biomass. We have guided a wide cohort of clients in maximising the R&D tax incentives available to them to assist in overcoming the technological challenges they face.

Examples of projects our team have assisted clients with in the clean tech space include:

  • Wave energy generation
  • Development of improved insulation products
  • New technology for waste water filtration
  • Clean combustion technology
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