Succession planning

For your family business... Succession planning is a vital aspect of the long-term strategy of most Irish companies. Deloitte can help create an effective succession plan for your company, ensuring the tax efficient transfer of your assets and / or your business to the next generation.

  • Transition phases in a family business
    As the founder nears retirement, he/she must decide whether to pass the business on to the next generation or to sell the business. (PDF)
  • Business policies and agreements
    How family involvement can result in some issues assuming greater complexity due to the emotional component. (PDF)
  • Ownership and management transition
    Historically the transfer of ownership and management of a family business often coincided. Today, a more professional approach is often adopted. (PDF)
  • Succession planning services
    We can advise on areas including talent, possibilities of floating, current leaders, corporate structure, estate planning, insurance and share transfers. 
Planning for family business succession
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