The Future of Work

Tax and Legal Perspective - Ireland

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed our personal and professional lives. We have had to quickly adapt to the “new normal” and have implemented new ways of working. For many, the opportunity to work from home is a welcome development.

Indeed, as we wait and see how we will emerge from the pandemic, it is likely that many organisations will maintain a longer term working from home option for their employees – both to facilitate an improved quality of life and importantly, as these few months have shown; because it can be done.

Where this involves employees working remotely from other parts of Ireland, it will directly align with the Ireland 2040 strategy. Contained within that document, there is an emphasis on strengthening the regionalisation agenda which will, of course, be facilitated if more people can feasibly reside in those areas in Ireland.

However, where this involves the remote working of employees in another jurisdiction, there are tax and legal consequences which need to be considered by companies. These do not necessarily preclude working from another jurisdiction as an option, but do need to be monitored and managed.

The Future of Work

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