The politics of tax reform in the 114th Congress

The arrival of another April 15 places a heightened focus on the nation’s income tax laws and the debate over how – or whether – they should be changed. With Republicans now controlling the House and Senate in the 114th Congress, which convened at the beginning of this year, the GOP arguably has a stronger hand in shaping tax policy – including, potentially, reform of the tax code. But lawmakers will nonetheless face significant obstacles in getting tax reform enacted into law.

The politics of tax reform in the 114th Congress, a new report from Deloitte Tax LLP’s Tax Policy Group, reviews the major tax reform proposals that have been put forward in recent years with a focus on significant multinational, corporate, and individual provisions; addresses the substantive and political barriers facing tax reform advocates; and considers why, despite the uncertain legislative environment, ignoring tax reform would be a mistake. It also provides a high-level overview of the make-up of the 114th Congress, its two taxwriting committees, and the individuals who have had significant influence on the current tax reform debate.

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